The Story of an ALLORGANIC® Product


Posted on October 28 2019

The Story of an ALLORGANIC® Product

Ever wonder how a cleaning product goes from a simple raw ingredient to an effective cleaning agent in your closet? Often times, traditional cleaning product companies will hide the ingredients and chemical processes they use to create their detergents and soaps under the idea that the information is “proprietary.” At ALLORGANIC®, we pride ourselves on transparency. It’s no secret that we have chosen only the most natural, certified organic ingredients to put into our products. We also want you to know how our products are made.

Made with Kitchen Ingredients

A trip down the certified organic raw ingredients section of our warehouse will look like a visit to the cupboard in an industrial kitchen, really. In fact, most of the raw ingredients we use are recognizable as items you can find in your own kitchen cupboards. We make our soap from all organic sunflower oil, olive oil and also start with other raw ingredients like flower oils, baking soda, soap nuts (which actually come from a tree), vinegar, citric acid and vitamin C! Still, while our products are made with certified organic ingredients that can be found in your kitchen and that you could cook with, it’s important that you never eat or drink them.

Preservative Free

Certified organic products do not have any added chemicals to help preserve them. That means our team of chemists had to consider the best natural way to make the products last and continue to work over time. After all, nobody wants to purchase a new bottle of dish soap every week!

That’s where our own method of preservation comes in. Because we have a USDA certified organic facility, we have to follow specific organic standards to ensure that the finished products are certified organic, too.  

Three P’s of Shelf Stability

We want your ALLORGANIC® products to have a reasonable shelf life, so we pay special attention to a natural preservation process. This includes pasteurization, pickling and packaging.

Pasteurization: We heat the product up, so that when it enters bottle we know it is in a sanitary state. Just like milk. 

Pickling: We adjust the pH level of the product using acids like vinegar and baking soda to make the product resistant to microbial agents, just like we do when we create pickles from cucumbers! 

Packaging: You will notice that our ALLORGANIC® products all come in sealed packages with trigger, pump or foaming heads. This packaging is designed to make sure our cleaning products can remain shelf stable without any preservatives added because these dispensing mechanisms  do not let air or other contaminants into the cleaning solution.

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