How a Starter Kit Can Overhaul the Way You Clean Your Home


Posted on August 19 2019

How a Starter Kit Can Overhaul the Way You Clean Your Home

Who doesn’t love a kit? Today, we are able to order kits to fit just about any need in our lives—from meal kits, to wardrobe kits, to kits full of treats for our dogs and activities for our kids. These are simplified ways that help us get more organized and eliminate the difficult decisions and extra effort in our lives. 


The ALLORGANIC® Starter Kit is designed to empower you to clean your home in the healthiest, most effective way possible. This kit has been completely simplified to streamline your product choices, so that you have everything you need to keep a clean and healthy home with these five products. Plus, every product included in your kit is made with renewable, plant-based ingredients and are certified USDA organic. So you can rest assured that you are cleaning your home with non-toxic products that remove dirt and germs, without leaving any harmful residues behind.

Many people have told us over the years that it can be overwhelming to keep up with the large variety of cleaners they “thought” they needed in their home—like a shower cleaner, a toilet cleaner, a hard floor cleaner, a granite cleaner, a stainless steel cleaner, and on and on. We’ll let you in on a little secret the professional cleaners already know: You don’t need all those different types of cleaners. In fact, having too many different types of cleaners in your cabinet can become rather hazardous.

What’s in a Kit?

Our organic cleaning starter kit simplifies the products you use to clean your home and where to use them. Below is a list of the items you will receive when your starter kit arrives in the mail, and how and where you should be using it. Remember, all products are bio-based and do not include any GMOs, synthetic solvents, dyes, or perfumes. 

ALLORGANIC® Laundry Detergent
This organic laundry detergent features a mix of naturally occurring essential oils lavender, rosemary and sage for a pleasant scent that is easy on clothing and safe for all skin types. The simple pump means that the detergent can be pumped directly into your machine’s tray or the laundry water for no mess.

This sunflower and olive oil based soap is gentle, and even soothing on hands. The formula is plant based, biodegradable and safe for septic and greywater systems.  It can be used to clean all types of dishes and soil without any streaking.


ALLORGANIC® Glass & Surface Cleaner 
This cleaner can be used almost anywhere in your home. No need to purchase different cleaners for different hard surfaces. It is ideal for use on glass or any hard, non-porous surface in your kitchen, bathroom, and around the home. It can be used on multi-surfaces such as glass, mirrors, counter tops, sinks, walls, tables, chairs, appliances, toilets and showers.

ALLORGANIC® Gear Cleaner
The Gear Cleaner is ideal for safe and effective cleaning of plastic, metal, cloth and any hard surface. Use it for those tough-to-clean items like sporting equipment, car seats and outdoor items. 

This hand soap is a daily use hand cleaner for in the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you wash your hands. The organic blend of aloe and olive oil helps keep hands soft and healthy. Foaming soap instantly lathers and washes hands squeaky clean. The design is super easy for children to use and healthy for the whole family.


ALLORGANIC® Disinfectant/Sanitizer
This product should be used on all non-porous surfaces such as walls, floors, sinks, counter tops, glass, bathrooms, sinks, equipment and high chairs where germs are present. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, funguses and viruses. Make sure to follow the proper time instructions on the label to ensure your germs are killed.

In addition to our Starter Kit, our Refresh kit includes the ALLORGANIC Fabric & Air Mist with rose and lavender oils that can be sprayed on furniture, clothing, linens and in the air for a safe and effective way to eliminate malodour using natural essential oils.

Learn more about the ALLORGANIC Home Cleaning Kits or order yours today.

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