Why Choose Organic Cleaning Products?


Posted on July 30 2019

Why Choose Organic Cleaning Products?


Making a commitment to an organic lifestyle means putting the safety of your home and family first. When you purchase organic, you are choosing foods and other goods that do not contain pesticides or GMOs. You are choosing items that are free of toxic chemicals and are naturally occurring. So if you are going through all of the effort to find and purchase organic fruit and vegetables, then what good does it do to clean your cutting board with a petroleum based chemical? 

The good news is that there is now an established system to certify cleaning products as organic so that you can ensure you are extending your organic lifestyle throughout your home. 

The USDA Organic Seal is now applicable to manufactured goods, including cleaning products that are made from all nature-based ingredients. Our entire line of AllOrganic products has this seal. The USDA Organic Seal means that the product has been tested against rigorous standards that look at soil quality, pest and weed control and the use of additives. This label also indicates that there are no GMOs, parabens, sulfates, carcinogens or any synthetic ingredients whatsoever. The USDA Organic Seal means that these products are plant-based, with no animal byproducts.

It is important to avoid greenwashing when you are looking at labels for your cleaning products, and the USDA Organic Seal is the best way you can ensure that the products you are purchasing are truly organic. Products that purport to be “natural” without this seal are making a baseless claim, because there are no rules or regulations regarding the use of the word “natural” when labeling products.

Why Is Organic Safer?

Among the top reasons for calls to the National Poison Control Center in the U.S. are household cleaning chemicals. And many of the chemicals found in your cabinet are flammable, combustible and incredibly toxic if mixed together. Thanks to advanced chemistry, natural ingredients are being rediscovered and formulated in such ways that the resulting products are not only safe, but also effective. Ammonia and chlorine simply aren’t necessary for cleaning your home anymore. 

We believe in full ingredient transparency, so that you can be informed about the products you are bringing into your home. You can view a full list of the ingredients in each of our products on our website, when you click on each product description. Many people will be surprised to notice that we use ingredients in our products that were popular centuries ago for cleaning. We use organic soapberry extract in many of our soaps, which is an ancient fruit with natural surfactant properties. We also use organic olive oil and sunflower oil in our soaps. Everything in them is either plant-based or naturally occuring, but used in a way that is very effective at keeping your home clean and safe from germs. 

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